Capital Campaign

A Culture of Ready has made a profound impact on the churches served. Evidence of our impact is the number of multiple campaigns with churches, including Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Willow Creek Community Church, Granger Community Church, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, Church of the Resurrection, and Mariners Church.

Preparation for Success

We help you take inventory of the information and knowledge needed for the process. For some churches, we help you with mining data from your history. We explore engagement and understanding leading to a sharper focus on capacity for the campaign process.

Elements of the Ready Campaign Process include:

Starting Strong:

Designing a campaign process consistent with your church. When churches voice concern about campaigns, it usually starts with campaigns as a consultant template, not an organic approach consistent with your congregation.

Creating a Safe Place for Generosity.

In other words, most people need a safe place to process what may seem a risky decision related to generosity. We don’t turn small groups into fundraising environments, but a safe haven for spiritual discernment.

Leadership Encouragement

Leaders will be challenged to lead in this process just as we need leadership in every ministry function of the church. A Culture of Ready has excelled in this stage of your campaign.

Strengthening the Core.

Each campaign will help the ministry leaders impact those with whom they serve.

Campaign Crescendo:

Worship services become the culmination of the spiritual process; a place for a God-honoring response that is the culmination of the individual and small group journey.